Somali Piracy

How it happened

When the Sirius Star was captured I offered assistance to the Saudis through Shiek Baroom of Jeddah. However they decided unwisely to pay the $3 million ransom which ignited the fuse that put Somali Piracy onto a higher plain.

Since then I have collaborated and offered various solutions to EUNAVFOR and other orgs, I have voiced my opinion in many directions including collaborating with the University of Manchester Piracy data base. I state these facts to avoid falling into the trap of publicly declaring my position. So lets start at the very beginning, for years Somalia has been used as a dumping ground for European toxic waste.

The unfortunate Italian Journalist Ilaria Alpi who was killed because she stumbled on the Toxic waste trade was only the tip of the iceberg. Unfortunately too that because of her reports the toxic waste business turned to the sea. Old fishing boats costed as new were given to the Somalis as 'Third World Aid' they are used now as 'Mother boats' by the Pirates. (no details here.) Off the coast of Somalia everything gets dumped, from the Achille Laura to Toxic DEATH. (I wont go into details here.)

After a few years and Tsunamis the Toxic Death broke open and some washed up on the beaches. The fishermen could not find fish to catch, half dead fish got washed up on the beach too, they ate them. The children played with the strange plastic along the shores, their fingers started to fall off like lepresy.

The sea was dying a death and I too am from the sea. If this had happend to you on your coast, if you got strange sicknessess and your children playing in Toxic Death, how would you feel abot that? When you saw yet another big ship passing by dumping or washing out oil tanks and you knew they were bringing more death to your sea and to you. How would you feel and what would you do about that? You have no goverment, no police no authorities to go to.

Well what many of you would do the Somali Pirates were doing. It should have stopped there, the message was clear and it was easy to stop, very easy but then it was seen as a great business and got out of hand and into the hands of the Warlords where it is now. Now the business has widened further with Security companies offering protection to ships who pay very fat contracts, so everyone is kinda happy, except perhaps the pirates who started it all.

The Pope asks for prayers for the hostages who recieve 8 times their salary each day plus conpensation packages. No prayers for the oriiginal pirates who are starving trying to cure their children. what about a prayer for the dying and desperate sea and the poluted beaches, everything there is dead, everything is DEAD!

So no prayers for them?