The Peiran Prophecy

Verse 2

A time will return, a time of yearning in Mother Magma. She will reach out to a coming force.

Verse 3

The Force will come forever closer. The Earth will move more and more. The winds will change. There will be earthquakes in places old and new. The Volcanos will flow with Mothers blood. New Islands will rise from the depths.

Verse 4

The Force will come to the World. It will appear like a second moon. The two moons will bring a calm through position. The World will bow to the Force. The World will give up to the Force.

Verse 7

Not more than one year shall the Force remain.

Verse 11

The moons will crossover and divide. Mother Magma will reach out to them both. There will be even greater movements in the Earth. There will come great waves. Everything will become upturned. The Force will return to the heavens. It will be the end of the Thirteenth Day.

Modern translation from the original Greek and Latin versions. Solon/Peiran pre Templar. Main Verses. (sub Verses not for Public domain.)