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The World is corrupt. The level if corruption is such that the World could no longer operate and our civilisation could not exist without it. Corruption is born from money and power and controlled in the same way as the Secrets are controlled by the usual culprit organisations. Corrupt politicians, police, intelligence services, media, doctors, lawyers and everyone one else at various levels down to the plummer. 'Sorry Madam but you're gonna need a new plunger, so thats an extra 10.' These 'Extras' are indeed corrupt, be they a simple tenner for the plumber or a slice of a billion dollar Government contract the terrible truth is corruption is the oil for every mechanism of modern life. From my personal experience a Government project with a real cost of 100 will go through processes that eventually costs the project at 700. Such corruption is like a chain, each link with it's own power, the first link knows that the second link is corrupt and will add costs so link one adds 50, link two knows link one has taken 50 so takes 100. Link three is in the game and takes 200 and the longer the chain the higher the final cost until corruption allows the project to finalise. The United Nations is corrupt beyond imagination as are Charities and virtually every NGO on the planet, I speak from personal knowledge. Perhaps because our leaders and masters are so corrupt we have become blind to it and indeed take part becoming ourselves corrupt. How many of us would go back to the cashier because she undercharged? Some of us are visually corrupt, a second hand car salesman topping the list but those most corrupt usually appear as angels. Corruption is often hard to avoid when it presents you with an opportunity to seriously increase your account in a corrupt bank. Of course as Humankind we would all like to live in a society free of corruption but I feel it is an unattainable utopia. I did try but each time the mechanism spat me out. I was once arrested for fraud which is a high form of corruption, I had sold a ship to three different people, luckily the Judge saw it my way and I walked, whichI did take a bit of corruption. One of the most corrupt places in the world is Saudi Arabia, with so much money flowing in all directions corruption is rife, they even have a name for it, 'Bakshish' During the last year I was there I was in charge of all the cranes in Jeddah and the port. One day I was contacted by the Pirate Brotherhood in Korea who asked me to assist their desperate crew marooned near Jeddah with a small crane. I immediately took on the crane for $250 a day. I then went to the British contractor building the bridges on the new Taif road. I told the boss he needed a crane on standby at only $1000 per day. I then told him that I would pay him cash $500 day. Of course he told me to bring the crane the immediately. I then went to the Italians working alongside the Brits who were making the road and of course the Italian boss needed a standby crane. Of course I have shortened the story a little but the point is,not only did it make several of us a little richer but it saved the lives of a crew of the Korean Brotherhood, who later arrived and were extremely grateful which was for me later proved to be worth more than the corrupt cash, making an incredible connection to the China sea. Would this have happened had I not invented a purely corrupt device involving other corrupted to save a Korean crew ? Sometimes corruption is like a nest of snakes, untouchable and unexpected. The ex President of the Philippines, Joseph Estrada was removed from office for corruption. He was first surrounded in his palace by tanks and helicopters, watching it all unfold on CNN, BBC and a host of stations on a bank of TV's inside, when the Colonels entered and asked him to sign the resignation, he refused and the air itself stood still as he said, 'Shoot me now and let all the Filipino people see my blood on the floor here. The Colonels left. They next day he left the Palace and we went to his private compound surrounded by his closest people. I was with him that evening and I tried the best I could to relay to him a way out but he said it was all too late. Before I left him his official photographer took what became the last official picture of the President standing with me. Sadly the following day he was arrested. It took 8 years before he was released and found not guilty. Not only was he not guilty but I had earlier proved to his defence lawyers the guilt of others. In the Philippines when the President falls everything turns on its head, friends of the President fall with him and are deemed persona non grata to a serious degree. So from the lowest corruption of a sack of rice to the highest workings of the political system, I've personally witnessed how corruption sculptures, guides and directs Nations and Civilisation. All Human systems and seemingly ever since our origins and on through Kingdoms, Imperialism, Dictatorships, Communism, Democracy, Religious and any other tried system is infected with corruption. A world without corruption is beyond Utopian dreams and so far out of reach we strangely kind of accept it as a necessary part of life, which indeed it is. Corruption indeed 'oils the wheels' and in a way directs Humanity, unfortunately it is also the corruption that decides the direction that Humanity takes. The old saying that 'Everyone has their price' simply puts a price on any given person or corruption at any given moment in time. It is a sad truth that Humanity is corruptible and therefore corrupt.