Of course there is little to be proud off in the following events but to fully understand
how Pirates have continually changed the World they must be considered.

One day Francis Drake and John Hawkins were chatting on the Parliament in London talking about a couple of
Brethren, Capt william Towerson and Capt John Lok had connections on the West African coast and had sold some
Africans as slaves to the Spanish plantations on the Spanish main.

A penny or two from the Politicians and they fitted out ships in a way to transport Human cargo and officialy started
the Slave trade.
(Today such an event would be impossible but throught historic and ancient times Slaves have
always existed and in every civilization. Therefore at that time to buy or own a slave was not considered

In the subsequent years of this trade slaves were taken in thousands to all over the Americas.
Today those Slaves have created Nations and Republics, democratic and with seats at the United Nations.
For the most part these ex slave Nations have a reasonable stable and improving state of living.
For the most part the African areas from whence they came are in pain and starving.

The Pirate traders who initiated all this could be held to this fact. However once delivered how slaves were traeted
was not in the hands of the Pirates and cannot be held to that fact. As for the accounts enormously exagerated of
over crowding and the hundreds who died on the voygage, I can assure the reader that a Piarte Captain knows
exactly the number of persons he can load. In fact it was in their interest to arrive at the slave markets with good
healthy strong cargo, it would be crazy not to do so if the trade was ongoing as it was.
The more the Captains could get from the slaves he would load with sugar and expensive cargos back to Europe,
these were clean ships.

Today we have a Black US President, some say the most powerfull man in the World, sure he is not a slave
descendent but he was elected by the Great grand children of the Black African Slave.

Whether what we did was good or bad is truly not in question, it's too vast but that the World was once again 'changed' by Pirates is clear.
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