Pirates who changed the World.
· Born: c. 830
· Birthplace: Friesland (now Holland)
· Died: 879
· Best Known As: Founder of the Russian
Rurik was the Viking (or Varangian) leader
who ventured from Jutland to found what is
considered to be the first Russian monarchy.
According to early chronicles, Rurik and his
fellow Scandinavian warriors were invited to
rule the Slavs, who had fallen into political
chaos. Rurik’s achievements remain a
historical mystery, but it is said that he led an
army to the Baltic coast of Russia around 855;
he established a fortress east of the Baltic Sea
at Novgorod around 862 and ruled an area
that extended as far south as Kiev (in what is
now the Ukraine). When he left Russia in 873
(to manage land in Friesland) he turned his
land over to the Viking Oleg, who moved the
seat of power to Kiev in 882 and extended his
domain to challenge the Byzantine Empire.
Oleg was succeeded by Rurik’s son, Igor,
and the dynasty Rurik began lasted until the
death of Feodor I in 1598.
The Slavs referred to the Scandinavian
invaders as “Rusi,� a name which
became the origin of the word Russia.
What I can add is as follows;
Rurik was in fact Scandinavian not Dutch, he had lands in Holland that had been
taken years earlier by his Father and he had settled there.
Prior to arriving up the River Dnieper to the area now known as Kiev, which in itself
was a masterpiece of navigation, Rurik and his Rusi had previously raided Spain and
Sicilly and a whole bunch of other places.
He arrived at Odessa and learned that virually all of what is now called Ukraine was
at war with itself, inasmuch as Ukraine was made up of a whole bunch of
Princedoms and had been at fuedal war with each other for generations. Known for
their warfare abilities the Rusi were asked by one of the biggest Princedoms to help
put an end to the feudal wars by a show of strength. This the Rusi did but they did
more, they created a full alliance incorporating all the Princedoms and brought
peace to the region. In payment for their services the Rusi were given land and an
area further up river and founded a town, Kiev. From Kiev they opened trading
routes north to the Baltic sea and from there they connected to Baltic trading in
Goth tradition.
So what we have in Rurik and his crew the Rusi is yes a Viking Pirate who pillaged
the south of Spain, Sicilly and many Greek Islands in a way to be seen as a great
Pirate as he passed through these lands. However he obviously knew where he was
going. Acting as he did on his route he became known, so by the time he arrived at
Odessa he was already renowned and he didn't need a business card. The speed
with which he Allied the war tired Princedoms shows a serious business plan. He
came from his lands in Holland, therefore he knew about lands and how they could
be used, the lands he was given he chose well. Kiev was founded. This Viking Pirate
was truly a very Great man with a great vision and an astounding knowledge of
future trading yet remains quite unknown.
Rurik was not alone, he had his crews and they were named as the men of Ru, (The
locals had a phonetic problem with the pronounciation of Rurik or his full name
which was much longer and more complicated) So the men of Ru were simply called
the Rus. Within just a few generations the population were happy to integrate with
the Rusi and even call themselves Rusi, how crazy is that? Such a thing could never
happen by decree or force, so what kind of people were the crew of Rurik? Surely
the Rusi must have been truly loved and respected beyond imagination and had
brought peace, trade, and well being. In any case the population became the Rusi,
the Russians.
So next time Vladimir Putin lifts his
Vodka to 'Mother Russia' perhaps
he should toast 'Father Russia'. A
Pirate Gothic Peiran, his name
RURIK, his crew the RUS. they
Changed the World.
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