This is a subject that cannot be found in the usual Pirate web sites because only a Pirate can offer an insight into the Peiran/Pirate vision on
God, Religions and the Universe.  Peiran Pirates have always been classed as Heretic and enemies of the 'cloth', what is written on this web
page will do little to change that. It is not my intention to offend any Religion or Personal Faiths through this explanation of the Peiran Beliefs.
Shiites and Sunni's kill each other, they are both Muslim.

Catholics and Protestants kill each other and there are
another 140 squabbling sects, all  are Christians.

Even the two main Jewsish sects have fought for
thousands of years.

So either within or without, Religions fight each other,
each claiming to be rightious and with God  on their side.

Over the last 2000 years religious wars have killed untold
millions and all in the name of God.

With more Religions come more divisions, with more
divisions come more wars and new Religions are being
invented all the time.

All western Religions stem from Abraham's meeting with God and the Angel Gabriel. This gave rise to the Jews.
Gabriel then created Jesus and that gave rise to Christianity.
Then Gabriel through Mohammed created Islam.
Yet again
Gabriel came and this time to Joseph Smith creating the Mormons. (The richest and the CIA.)

One must wonder why a higher intellect such as Gabriel would create so many Religions knowing that they would fight each other FOREVER.
Heretics such as Pirates will always be,attacked by Religion because we refuse what is not Truth.
If in the past a Priest or two have been killed by Pirates then it was their own fault because it was the Priests who attack us 'Heretics'  The Priests
lost their lives asreward. I too have been so attacked and I too have 'blown away' a few Priests, although I never killed them.
Therefor heretical Pirate acts are simply acts of defence brought about by attacks on us by suicidal and over zealous Priests.

I have been attacked in person by
Priests, Bishops and representatives of the Vatican. I blew them away and I'm still here to write this.
However they did kill one of my men.
(see site documents/Philippine mission on home page.)
Mother Magma
Stars, (Suns), Planets and natural satelites such as our moon
are all spheres, globes. This is because when they were
formed they were molten.  These million degree hot molten
globes of various types of
Magma sit in space which is 440°
below freezing. At the point of heat exchange each globe
creates a natural shell. This has the effect of prolonging the
completion of the heat exchange and the eventual
solidifying and death of the Magma.  This effect is happing
now to our planet as it does to all planets and the
shell on our planet we call
Earth, this heat exchange and
Magma change creates and sustains life.

To protect herself,
Mother Magma constantly renews and
strengthens her shell. In doing this she gives off gases and
pours out more earth. The gases produce minerals and
water, Rivers, Seas and Oceans and the conditions for Life.

Everything we have including the air we breathe comes from
Mother Magma.

Twice a day there is a high tide and a low tide everywhere.
That means that gases and liquids are pulled by the moon
and the sun to one side of the planet and as the planet
revolves we experience high and low tides.
Mother Magma is millions of times bigger than the Oceans,
she too is a liquid, she too has high and low tides.
When she has neap or spring tides she either exerts higher
or lower pressures under her shell. These under shell
pressure changes cause Volcanic activity and earthquakes.
When Mother Magma speaks, the earth rumbles, the Sea
moves, the air swirls and the clouds clash.

A storm at sea today was a storm in the Magma yesterday.
The Sea is a liquid sister of the Magma, listen to the sea and
you will hear what our
Mother Magma is saying.
Apart from the seemingly psycopathic reasoning behind Gabriels motives for doing what he did, we also fail to understand why the God of Abraham
eats and drinks, as he often did. In fact throughout all Religions there are references to the favorite foods of God and the feasts in which he took
After dinner
God, his Angels et al would eventually require to use the toilet, did they have toilet paper in those days?

This simple enigma and there are so many such enigma's that for
Peiran/Pirates are contrary to the Multiversal Theory of Being;
Background was chosen to  enhance
understanding of our  Mother Magma.
Everything in the Multiverse, Universe and Galaxy is made of
a type of
Sun or Planet is a cousin and part of the original family
of matter therefore
Magma is, in an uncomprehenable way,
in constant contact with all
Magma in the Multiverse.

To look into the Magma, to know her and unbderstand her is
to know and understand the
The Peiran 'Supreme Being'
To you lift your cup of coffee, lets say it weighs 100
grams, you must apply a force of more than 100 grams.
To move any object a force greater than the object
must be applied.

Universe weighs too much to calculate and it is
The force that 'moves' the
Universe must be a force
greater than the
Universe itself.

It is that
Force the Peiran call the 'Supreme Being'.
Further revelations
Mother Magma
are laid out in my book
'The Thirteenth day'.
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Of course no one is perfect, not even Pirates, so even given the possibility that a God exists for the Isrealites and one for the Greeks and another
for the Egyptians and yet other for the Cristians, Muslims, a Buddah for the Buddists and so on.
Well given this, then there will obviously be a God of the Pirates.

The God of the Pirates, unlike the other Gods who have to look after many millions, the God of the Pirates only has a handfull of us left to look
after, so for our God it must be real easy and of course that much easier to hear each other.