The First Day of the Genesis creation story says that God created Heaven and Earth.

What that means is simple, this planet was Discovered and for the first time Charted on a Space Chart and
from that moment would be known to exist.

The planet had no revolution, one face of the planet faced the sun at all times as does the moon in relation
the Earth. For this reason on the sun side the planet sweated and the oceans were formed. On the dark side
it was 400 degrees below feezing and the Magma had created a thick protetion shell, a land mass,.a single

To be productive the planet needed modification and over the next three Days of Genesis God modified by
giving the planet a rotation and thereby causing displacement and the spliting up of the single continent into
several smaller continets as the planet balanced itself.

The planet was then seeded and on the sixth day God made man.

A Genesis Day really means a time, when that event happened. So it took  six 'times' or Visits to prepare the
planet for life and production.

In Earth time a six event program such as this would span millions of years and it is hard for us to imagine such
a long term program.
In Universal time however such a program could be the norm.

In any case we get to the Seventh Day when God says everything is good.
The Earth was producing and God was cool.

Now in  production mode the Earth became prone to more regular visits or Days.
There were Days of harvest Feasts and Days of complications during the last twelve visits or Days, now is the
dawn of the Thirteenth Day.

What will happen on the Thirteenth Day is a Peiran Prophesy.

The Prophesy has begun and the next sign will soon appear.
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