Pirates who changed the World
Francis Drake and Walter Raleigh
There is no need to bore the reader with the full story of Sir Francis Drake
but a few facts should be underlined.

Firstly the Timeing of the event, the 'Spanish Armada' was launched because
the English fleet at that time consisted of only 9 ships and 4 of these vessels
were undergoing repairs with one was in Scottish waters leaving only 4
warships to repel any attacks on the realm.

When it was understood that the Spanish Armada of about 180 vessels was
about to attack England, Queen Elizabeth I and her Admirals had no choice
but to call upon English Privateers and Pirates for help which was given and
led by the Pirates Francis Drake and John Hawkins who defeated the Armada
and were Knighted.

The point is, had Drake not done this, or had he failed, Spain would have
removed Elizabeth from power and would have taken over England and
maybe today we would be using the internet in Spanish, your laptop would
be a computadore. This should be enough to candidate Drake as a Pirate
who changed the World but there is more.

Strangely Drake was only made a 'Sir' , (which quite honestly was very small
reward for saving both Queen and Country,  Nelson and others were
rewarded and made 'Lords' for much less.) Drake did however become one of
the Queens lovers and managed to get his cousin Richard Hawkins and a few
friends knighted and was a confidant on Marine matters for the Queen and
the court effectively held control of English Maritime programs
One day Sir Francis came in to see the Queen.
"Hello Frank" she said, " so whats new?"
Frankie said he wanted to introduce to her one of his Pirate friends, a
certain 'Walter Raleigh', the Queen remarked that her court was evermore
full of Pirates said ok and Captain Walter Raleigh entered to meet the Queen.
"So what have you got for me?" she asked.
"Well Ma'am," started Walt, "I have just come back from the land of America
and I bring you a new discovery!" he said wil a smile. "How wonderfull" said
the queen as mumbled how 'dishy' is this Pirate you bring me Frank.
Walt opened his sea chest and took out some Tobacco leaves and smiling he
showed them to the Queen.
The Queen thought it was some kind of Pirate joke, "Leaves!?" she asked, "
do you mean that you went all the way to that America and come back with
a bunch of dry leaves? Don't you know here in England in the autumn we
have leaves up to our armpits and you bring me leaves! Off with his head!"
she demanded!
Walt was desperate, he took a leaf and rolled it up, "Look Ma'am', he said,
'you put one end in your mouth and light the other end like this." as he lit
up a smoke and moved forward towards the Queen offering the smoke and
insisting that she put it in her mouth.
The Queen lost her cool, "This man is Mad and now he will lose his head!
Guards! Arrest this man." shouted the Queen.
"Just a minure Liz, I mean Ma'am," interupted a worried Frankie, "Give Walt a
chance, try it, I did, it's cool."
Walt was now being held by a couple of guards and desperately offering
everyone around him some rolled up leaves.
Frankie calmed the Queen and gave her that special wink, you know the
one. The Queen then relented and waved the Guards away.
Frankie took a roll-up and lit it and made the guards do the same, the Queen
watched them all smoking, then seeing that they were all still alive, apart
from a few coughs, they were all happily puffing away, so she asked to try

An hour or so later the Palace was full of smoke, Walt was also made a Sir
and was now Sir Walter Raleigh.
The Queen then gave him a bunch of money and new ships and sent him
back to the land of America for more of the leaves and start plantations.

The Tobacco road and trade had begun and it changed the World.
Francis Drake
Walter Raleigh
The 'Golden Hind' Drakes ship.
Queen Elizabeth the first
The Spanish Armada
Hawkins using 'Tar fire balls'
Tobacco map.
Burning the Armada
Statue of Drake
Drake, Hawkins and Cavendish
Drake Knighted by the Queen
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