Do Aliens exist? is lo longer the
question.  What we ask now is
more like, '
What do they look
' or 'Where do they come
' and 'What do they want?'

Peiran Legend;  The Star
wanderers have big eyes, they
are bald and have no teeth and
a cut off nose.

This picture then is by someone
who knows the Peiran Legend.
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The first thing to know is that there are
different kinds of Aliens.
Most commonly, the Greys', the Reptilians and
the Blue's and  others too many to mention,
then there are the Clones who look like us.

These different Aliens are part of the Alliance or
Federation they interact peacefully.

The Clones appear in a perfect Human form and
are constantly entering and exiting through
hidden Gateways. One of which we stumbled on
and is mentioned in my book, The 13th Day.

What do they want ?

What they want is food plus a lot of other stuff
but food is the number one item on their
shopping list. A long and detailed article is
linked here;
The invisible man in the sky
Will they attack us or do us harm?

Right now we are so blind and vulnerable that we
no longer see our weaknesses.

At a press of a button they could shut down all
our satellites, IT, power stations, planes, trains
trucks and even cars and bring a total stop to
everything, the result is chaos.
They don't need a single bomb or a Hollywood
style attack, they can do it from where they are
right now and at the touch of a button yet they
choose not to do that.

Therefore everything that is ongoing on this
planet is a part of their program and mostly
distractions one after another to keep Human
attention and not see what is happening in the
places we are not looking at.

Because of their diversity, Greys, Blues and
Reptilians et al, they have diverse requirements
from Earths commodities and therefore influence
diverse Human production powers differently.

Therefore some Earth Powers, Political,
Corporate, Communication and Media are now
controlled and influenced by diverse types of
Alien program requirements.

Although there is not going to be an immediate
Alien attack nor will there be a destructive
asteroid there will be an aftermath.

What happens next is in the following article,
sure it's a bit long but who knows? If you get to
the end you may even become a Pirate.

The invisible man in the sky.
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