Two thirds of the Worlds surface is water, seas and oceans.  Therefore it is logical to assume that for every Ufo seen over the land
two can be seen over the seas.  If this assumtion hangs true, then for every Area 51 on the land there must be two areas, call them
Areas 52 and 53 that exist at sea.
For every Ufo that crashes or has crashed on land, (Area 51 is just one example), other such crashes occur at sea.
Land crashes leave debris of a certain type whilst crashes into the sea leave different types of debris some of which sink
immediately and some of which float or take some time in becoming waterlogged before eventually sinking.
Captain Tonz on UFO's.
Today and throughout history only Mariners who are not in a
hurry or on a schedule are perhaps the only ones to
investigate such fenomena. Investigation results depend on
the distance and time required to arrive at the crash site
before debris start sinking.  Historic investigation results
have by luck or by advancements in speeds of navigation,
revealed that the flotsam almost always conforms to flotsam
found over a period of several hudred years, meaning that
the latest crashed Ufo's are more or less of the same
construction as crashed Ufo's hundreds of years ago.
If the Peiran write nothing down and rely on word of mouth
teachings for thousands of years how then can it be known
that the debris are the same?.  Answer; because of the
simplicity and uncomplicated status and nature of the debris.
For word of mouth to work or be reliable any info must be kept simple and easy to relate and understand. This may seem ancient or verging on the
ridiculous in our modern complicated World where our lives have become so complicated and intricate in our time rush lives that we have become
virtually blind to the simple things and perhaps simplicity itself.  For these reasons we tend to think that if something is NOT complicated or
complex then it has NO real value. Even when we see something simple we tend to look for complications in it because the more complications we
can find then the more the value of the object.   So the simplicity of the objects found in Ufo debris creates in itself a mystery.
We all take for granted certain 'norms'. One is that if it moves it must have an engine or that the bike wont move unless you push the pedals, so if
it can fly it must have propulsion or if it goes into space it must have a huge rocket pushing it up there.  So to 'push' is the law. However the lack
of an engine or a rocket in crash site debris suggest something else, in fact the debris suggest a 'pull' rather than a 'push' motivation.
As far as Peiran artefacts are concerned, with the advance of technology some of the mysteries and mysterious artifacts recovered from crash sites
have become understandable.   
Yet artefacts and relics of a similar nature are often locked away and classed as 'Sacred'.
Imagine if you will that a CD disc fell to Earth a few hundred or so years ago.  The CD would be acknowledged as coming from God' or at the very
least 'Sacred'  and therefore revered and perhaps brought out once a year and paraded by the Priests and worshipped on Saint CD day.  
When the CD became invented the once Sacred CD relic demotes to what is really is, a simple worthless CD.
Perian do not have a Religion and do not accept that such debris or relics are in anyway 'Sacred' nor do they came from God. Therefor our minds
are tuned into seeking out Truth and to understand what the 'relic' was used for and how it works.  
So Ufo's crash in the sea,  the important wreckage that of the engine and wheels or whatever sinks almost immediately and what is left floating is
of less importance. This concept is wrong, in fact what we have come to understand from the inspected wreckage is not just the lightweight stuff
that didn't sink but also the Drive system.
What we have found is that a Ufo uses two distinctly different drive
systems, one for atmospheric drive and one for space drive.  What
we are concerned with here is the atmospheric drive which we call
the 'Lift  Device'.   This device is truly simple in its conception and
one wonders why our own technology hasn't yet used it, or more
likely they hid it away.
Of course the 'Lift Device in this case is used to lift a craft we call a Ufo. It could however be used for a variety of concepts, put it on a container and
lift the container and cranes will no longer be required, put it on a big stone block and build a Pyramid.  Or put it on the front of a train and the train
will be 'pulled' forward, or on a car or on just about anything.  Then again if we were to do that we would not need petrol and the oil companies
would be in trouble.  Perhaps that's why certain things must remain 'Sacred Relics' and once a year we are permitted to pray to them.
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