The Philippine Mission.
During my last year in the Red Sea it was clear that I was becoming well known among the various Brethren.
I was called to a meeting with the Korean Brethren where I was told that I would be asked at a later date to visit the Philippines and I agreed to do so.
Some years later and living in Italy, where I had set up the Fast Line Company, I was again contacted and in the early 1980's arrived in Manila with a small
I was given the honour of heading a mission to protect and preserve a Peiran hiding place.

The political and social situation of the Philippines was in turmoil and the Americans were about to ditch the then President Marcos and had for the first time
established some contact with the Communist rebels, ie, the New Peoples Army (NPA) who were based in the Samar Islands.
The Mormon branch of the CIA were very busy in Samar and founded and built two Churches (JCLDS). One of these churches was built next to the small
airport in Catarman the Capital town of Northern Samar.
On 1986 the 'Peoples Revolution' led by Cory Aquino forced President Marcos to flee the country and took power. I was one of the first persons to enter
Malacangan Palace that day.
Following the revolution the situation in the Philippines and Samar in particular was chaotic.
The NPA became factional and dived into 3 or 4 groups, each group drifting away from the orignal 'anti-Marcos' terrorism to differing Comunist ideals led or
enthused by the funding.
The original main NPA group with International Communist funding through Hong Kong was not considered a problem. However two new smaller groups,
one funded by the CIA through the Mormons, the second group funded by the Austrian Secret Service were now soundly in control of the hinterlands of
Northern and Western Samar.
The Activities of the CIA, the Mormons and the EU now concentrating strange and almost ridiculous excuses for maintaining a presence in Samar, (example,
EU satelite movements to assist mussel fishermen collect more mussels. The rapid building of another four Mormon churches in the towns of Borbon and
Allen, (where 96% of the population are staunch Catholics and the average wage is $2 a day.), the positioning of the churches was in a defined Arc around
the Peiran hiding place.

The Korean and Chinese Brethren were convinced and worried that the activity in Samar was nothing less than a search for the Peiran hiding place.

The former Congressman for Northern Samar, Raul A Daza, who had been expelled from the Philipines by the former President Marcos, returned to Samar.
I met him in the House of Representatives shortly after his arrival in Manila. We quickly became friends and we still are.
Raul Daza although a Liberal and in fact the President of the Liberal party also had strong connections with one of the original NPA factions.
With his assistance and that of the local NPA, I was allowed to tour the entire area in search for a base.

An ideal base was identified on the Island of Dalupiri (Island of Crabs) also known as San Antonio Island.

In 1989 we set up a base on the Island under the guise of the Flying Dog beach resort. Over a period of years we invested more than half a million Dollars
and at its height the base or beach resort boasted of 42 bungalows and cottages, a bar, disco, restaurant and amenities over an area of 11 hectares.

The idea was simple, as long as the base could pay for itself we had a foothold in the area and could from thare control what was happening.

Now as long as this situation remained on such a small scale we were very much left alone.
However as the Flying Dog became more and more popular to tourists and was creating traffic to Samar we became opposed.
The CIA, Mormons, Vatican and others did not want people coming into Samar, in fact they had a long term program to send people away. Local people
were assisted in leaving the area either to Manila or more commonly abroad as house maids or overseas workers.  (This took away from the area those who
were capable of thinking or doing, leaving a less educated population who themselves were constantly poor and therefor very controllable.)

Our initial mission of observation suddenly changed into a warlike situation. We found ourselves up against; CIA/Mormons, and the Vatican, (Our 703 year
enemy.), They had control of the Philippine Tourism Ministry and used that as a vehicle to blacklist our resort. The reasons they gave for our blacklisting were
heavy, I was firstly accused of using the Resort for Pedeofile activities, when that failed I was charged with 'White Slave Trading'. Although these charges
failed and were laughable the damage had been done and tourists to us and the area dried up. Of course both the CIA and the Vatican knew nothing as to
why we were there and were convinced it was simply a business and we would now close and go away. We stayed.

The Vatican attacked again one Easter, the local priest at mass declared and I quote, "The Flying Dog Resort is a place of the Devil and no one should go
near including employees.".  Of out 30 or so employess the next day only 4 or 5 turned up for work.
I went to the mainland and stormed the Catarman Catherderal demanding to see the Bishop and to him demanded that the priest be removed which he was.

They then used the Philippine Army. One day landing craft arrived on our pristine white beach and Commandos in full battle dress stormed over the half a
dozen tourists who were quietly enjoynig the day. Within 3 minutes the entire resort was surrounded, I was having a late breakfast at the time and quickly
found my table surrounded by guns and a Commando Captain. They had been informed that the resort was a front for making and distributing Crack and
cocaine. It took less than 5 minutes before the Comando Captain realised he had made a very big mistake and another 3 minutes for the entire operation to
withdrew, so in less than 15 minutes the entire action started and finished.  I called for a fresh breakfast and as I did so the radio station on Cebu, (the
Philippines second city.) gave out the news that Tony Cummins had been arrested and was in a helicopter heading for a military compound in Cebu. I finished
my breakfast.

At this point our 'enemies', who had thrown just about everything at us, they allied and showed there colours.
They then concluded we were not present as a business but we were 'something else'.
Taking advantage of this new situation I allowed them to understand that although I knew, (which at that time I didn't), the reasons they were present in
Samar, they didn't know what I knew.  For people like the CIA that is heavy stuff, they need to know EVERYTHING and if they think you know something
that they don't they have got to know.  This brought about a kind of 'truce' and 'friendly' meetings with, a heavy Vatican representative from Rome, a CIA
'specialist' from Hawai and a host of middlemen/women. At that time I was sent help from Korea and the Grand Tao Master came to see me on the Island, he
gave me the strength and vision I needed to overcome certain aspects of understanding what was happening.

During all this time I was given an 'umbrella' by my friend and then 'Speaker Pro Tempore' of the Philippine House of Representatives Raul Daza.
I had also infiltrated and uncovered the connections on the Ministry of Tourism and by political manourve and returning some of the shit that had been thrown
at me, I managed to get thrown out of office two Ministers of Tourism and an undersecretary.
We managed to get control of the Ministry of Tourism and replace as Minister one of our people.

We then attracted Dive Tourism and brought in Divers from Italy for an underwater recon and a contract was signed that would bring in Divers from all over
The day after we had signed the contract our divers were attacked by the Austrain Secret Service led my a Mr Fritz. On the last dive three divers were
attacked with dynamite, one blast landed on the back of our lead diver, Mario Sartarani of Bergamo Italy, he died in front of me as we tried to revive him.
This entire incident is well documented.
This effectively killed off any further hope of attracting tourists to pay for the base.
We decided to downsize and reduced the size of the Flying Dog to a minimum.

We then embarked on our investigations and put many cats amongst the pidgeons.

What we found out was good for the Brethren but undescribable and unbelievable.

Everything I have written here can be checked out and trying to keep this history short I have left out many episodes and events.
So in an attempt to describe what we found I must first take you back some 460 years to a time before the Spanish 'discovered' the Philippines.
When the Spanish 'discovered' the Philippines and therby naming it after their King they found a group of 7000 plus islands divided into several Kingdoms.
In Samar ruled a Queen. In fact the social system was the Feminine Principle and Samar was a Queendom.

The Peiran, to be exact, one of the missing ships of the Templar fleet, had found their way across the Pacific from South America.
Samar or more precisely the San Bernadino strait area like the Spanish many years later was where they had arrived.
There under the Queen of Samar the Strait was controlled buy local Pirates in small craft.
The Peiran were accepted and settled, teaching the local Pirates the art of Piloting thereby setting up and assisting trade routes from Java in the south
toTaiwan and Japan in the north. Using Pilotage tolls rather than attacking passing vessels the area became rich and the social system incorporated the use of
gold coin and some Pirate teachings.  This cooperation took place over a long period of time.

The Area is steeped in historical mystery.
The strength of the Queendom was for the main part due to the isolation of the area but also because the Samarenos had a 'Special God' of protection and so
none of the other Kings ever attacked Samar.
There was a place known only by the Queen and the Elders, a divine place, most secret and sacred place.
A series of caves,and tunnels led to an inner sanctum where the Queen and the Elders would go when the need came.

It was this same series of tunnels and cave that the Peiran, (not having the Templar architectural skills.) decided to hide what they had to hide.

The Peiran then used the area as a base for generations.

In 1521 Ferdinand Magellan 'Discovered' and claimed the Philippines for Spain.
Then as was done in South America to the Incas and company the Spanish through Miguel Lagazpi destroyed the kingdoms and the social systems in the
name of 'Christianising' the people.

Samar was one of the last areas to be colonized.
Prior to the arrival there of the Spanish the Peiran returned in force and advised the Queen of what was about to happen and what would become of the
Queendom and the social system.
The Queen and the Elders collected together their Sacred Relics and historical records mostly written on golden plates and verything was taken to the Sacred
place of their God and hidden.  The Queen and Elders then committed suicide so as to protect the secret from the Spanish even under duress and torture.

The Queen was successfull and the Samar Sacred Relics remain to this day hidden.
The Spanish eventually came and took over the area and although they searched for the Queens gold it was never in danger of being found.
The problem for the Peiran was another.
On the Island next to Dalupiri Island which was then called Abak, there lived King Abak, King Abak and his people had taken over the Island after fleeing
the Muslim take over of Java and Indonesia. He had chosen this Island because it was impossible to attack because of treacherous currents and whirlpools
and having only one small anchor bay which was easily defended.

The Spanish chose this Island as the departure point for crossing the Pacific due east to Alcapulco in Mexico.
King Abak was 'Converted to Christianity, the Island was renamed also Acapulco. (To this day the population of the Island speak their own original language
of 'Abaknon' and this language is unique and not understood by surrounding areas of the Philippines. The people there could not pronounce the word
'Acapulco' and it got shortened to Capul which is today is the islands official name.)

The Peiran and Samar Pilots harried and attacked the Manila Galleons as they left Capul for Acapulco. (much of the golden artifacts taken from the Spanish
Galleons was given back to the new local Elders and the revolutionaries fighting the Spanish.

In all this trade, rape and confusion way  the reasons for being there got forgotten, the Peiran chest was in no danger, the Peiran left.
At the end of the 19th century America bought the Philipppines from Spain, (they paid $20 million).
This produced no problems at all for the Peiran.
However the Japanese invaded the Philippines and set up a large unit in Samar in 1943.
They had entered the caves and were blasting and the secret tunnels were in danger of discovery.
Luckily the Philippines was retaken by the Americans and the Peiran returned and the damaged tunnels were repaired and rehidden.

Another 40 years then passed until the start of the events of this story.

The area is presently encircled by the agencies previously mentioned but what they are encircling is not the Queens Sacred Relics nor the Peiran chest, it is
something else...
A 'Call' was held on Friday the 13th 2000 on Dalupiri Island.
After the 'Call' ceremonies the situation was discussed and it was agreed that both The Peiran and the Queens of Samar
relics were safe.

Our secondary mission however was ongoing and had arrived at an interesting level and the Ministry of Tourism was amost
in our hands thanks to high ranking political friends.

Then came the Impeachment of President Estrada.
We did our upmost to gather information on his accusers and investigations clearly proved 1. The President was not guilty
on 2 of the four counts which would have annulled the other two counts and he would have won.

On the last day before the Impeachment trial was brought to a halt I formulated together with the Defence council 4
questions to be put to both the President of the Philippine Stock Exchange and the President of the Securities and Exchange
At that moment the trial was interrupted and halted politicaly.

On this page is a foto of myself with President Estrada a day or so prior to his arrest and false interment. I am told it was
the last foto taken at his house in Polk street by the official photograher.

Not only was the President interned but all those around him became persona non grata which included myself.
The following day I left Manila by the skin of my teeth.
The Flying Dog base was abandoned.
From our base in Thailand we gathered further information from the bucket shop operators working through Pattaya.

We attempted several times to get our info to the defense team who were to apeal.
We tried to get our info to the President himself and we tried to get it to his wife.  Even when using Fedex, DHL et al our files never arrived.

Both the then Presidents of the SEC and the PSE went on to be politicians, congressmen and hold to date important positions.
(The Bucket shop operators who worked a corrupt system and paid large 'contributions' to both the above are still available today for interview. The
whereabouts of these prime witnesses were passed to both the Defense team and Mrs Estrada but strangley there was no interest.)
Dalupiri Island.
With President
Estrada at Polk
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