When the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) re-organized absorbing the MNLF they were
assisted politicly by Col Moammar Gaddafi.

This 'assistance' climaxed when Col Gaddafi offered to 'donate' the MILF 3 million barrels of
crude oil.

Because of the size of the 3 tankers to be used there are no ports in the southern
Philippines nor for that matter storage to accept such a large consignment and no refining
facilities, it meant that the oil could only be offloaded and refined in Manila and the

Of course the Oil Compamies led by Caltex refused to handle the oil.

With such a big deal Politics in the Philippines unite in grabbing a piece of the cake and
anybody speaks to anybody to find a non partisan way of getting their hands on the cake,
even considering 'new laws' and 'exceptions'.

The Oil Companies refused to touch the oil or enter into any deal.

One day a Senator and a Congressman like everyone else in the halls of power were
continually searching a way out,
(or how to get a piece of the cake), the congressman
thought ships, he thought three SHIPS, thinking ships he thought of me.
I was called.

As I sat with these very big Politicians I became amazed of just how short sighted they are
and extremely surprised that they hadn't thought of what I was about to tell them.

Gentlemen, I said, 3 million barrels of oil is about 15 million sacks of rice, maybe more.

They didn't get it immediately so I explained 'We' take the oil to Vietnam and barter it for
rice, the rice can be sold anywhere in the Philippines and all cash money.

Of course I was taken to dinner and put on the next flight to Hanoi.

In those days the still rigid communist regime prohibited all religions and was void of
temples. However in the suburbs of Hanoi, hidden in a clump of trees that stand like an
island in a rice field is a Temple.
This Temple holds all the relics saved from the destroyed Temples in Vietnam and is
packed full of golden Buddas and all kinds of Sacred relics..

The Head Monk never receives visitors and the few helpers were stunned as he took me
around his sacred and secret trove, we had tea and he gave me a gift which I still hold

It's in this Temple that the Prime Minister and his family secretly come to pray.

I met with the son of the Prime Minister and although it was going to be a hard barter the
deal was open. for negotiation.

The next day I flew back to Bangkok and called Manila with the news.
Two days more and I returned to Manila.
In those 48 hours the deal was off.
The Oil Companies had come up with a different deal.

I returned to my Island and went fishing.
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Aborted Missions
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