The Alien Federation program starts like this.
We must bear in mind that the objective of the Program is to Harvest the planet the majority of which
will be foodstuffs documented in my other articles.

Therefore any Alien attack as proposed by Hollywood or the Military would be useless to the Aliens
as it would ruin the Harvest and food stocks which are the prime objective.

We are dealing with entities that are extra terrestrials far advanced not only in space travel but also
in what they do and how they do it
, an advanced logic and values that we have yet to imagine.

Humans have been taught and brought to this point and lately we have been 'given' IT which is a
Horse and the key to Alien control of the planet.  We have been given IT and we think it's
wow as we take it for granted
but the IT we have is at such a basic level to their IT and compared we
are like a Commodore 64, remember them?

At present about 80% of all cars, every train, truck, airplane, ship, gps satellite and every cell phone
and tv channel in the world
plus all the back up systems, police, hospital, political, social will go down
with one single Alien 'Click' and without a shot being fired.

Just one click and every system will be taken over and controlled by the Aliens and very quickly stuff
will start to be made and delivered to where it has to go. In fact right now they are hacking in to all
major systems leaving an untraceable cookie ready for the Final 'Click'.
It's not hard to imagine what will happen when:

All of a sudden your cell phone goes down, you look around and quickly understand other peoples
cell phones are down and then you understand ALL the cell phones are down. This may happen to
the entire world at the same time or in selected areas.
The effect after only a few minutes is chaos.

Imagine you are in any normal activity, for example you are have pushed your trolley to the check our
at the supermarket and all the tills go down, chaos in a small way but multiply it world wide, service
stations, restaurants as a
ll the other IT systems will go down. ATM's will close and all credit card use
will be blocked. Police and Emergency services will be cut off and reliant only on radio

All GPS systems will then
go down including aircraft in flight who will have to manually land at the
nearest airport.

A full panic will take a few hours to ensue as most people will expect the system to come back online.
At a calculated moment perhaps at a guess about
2 to 4 hours and as panic starts to be noticeable
the TV's, PC's and cell phones will flicker back to life but
will be able only to relay a message on all
and systems, the message will read something like: Do not panic and Standby for an
important announcement.

The first announcement will be for car drivers who will be told to go immediately home and park the
car, they will have a limited time to do so. This must be the first sub program part to clear the roads.
At the expiration of the limited time all cars post 2005 with a central line will be
under Alien control cut
off and stop.

All trains will stop wherever they are.

All trucks will still be running and told to return to their nearest depot.

This logistic
control will be completed prior to panic breaking out in the streets which will inevitably
start with mass looting.

At which point will come another announcement. Simple and aimed at all Humanity.
A Saintly looking being will explain that our world has been taken over and is now under the control
of Entities who wish to guide us on a better path etc etc.  
Humanity will be sold a story that will ensure Human assistance in the Harvest program of 6 to 9
At the start there will be a few 'non believers' or rebels which by 9 months would become many and
unmanageable but effectively the Aliens or non terrestrials will take over this world without firing a
single shot.

For much of the 'Harvest' the larger production and logistics companies and systems who are already
infiltrated by clones and who have programs already installed ready for the event.
Every production site will be working at full speed and trucks will be in movement on every road day
and night.

If one imagines this happening in every region of every
productive country in the World and before
we realise what is happening millions of truck loads of whatever will be delivered to Space port zones.

The train systems will return online allowing only freight trains to move and passenger trains will be
modified to carry freight and all over the world trains will deliver millions of tons more
tons of 'Harvest'

Freight planes will come online and like the trains passenger planes will convert to freight delivering
millions more tonnage.

Shipping will deliver more millions of tons, (A
wonderful moment to be a Pirate.)

All this can be done right now, it's all ready, so this event must be close or is there one last thing that
they are waiting for?  

Humanity must first be psychologically ready to accept a 'Saviour'

Obviously for these non terrestrial entities to appear to us as more acceptable than a present
situation, Humanity must be placed in a position of acceptance due to a non solvable negative
situation of self destruction through war, financial collapse or total Chaos causing breakdown of
civilisation whereby Humanity will be conditioned to accept them and their program.  

This is happening right now

Between Humanity as a whole and the non terrestrials there are 'Secret societies' and of course
Religion and Politicians who until now have commanded Humanity, they are in constant contact with
the non terrestrials and must now reluctantly do what they are told. When they don't they get
warnings, sometimes warnings come in the form of Cyber attacks and other times by mysterious
materialistic visual events.

The timing of the non terrestrial Harvest, is critical inasmuch as they are a Federation and made up
of different requirements,
for example, the Reptilians may not go for strawberry's and cream but go
heavy on fish, Grey's may be vegetarians so the different Harvest requirements must be multiple.

Manufacturing capabilities will be adapted to produce all sorts of Alien 'Artifacts' and spare parts.

Prior to your cell phone going down there will be some identifiable signs or warnings. Apart from
increased Ufo sightings we as Humans must come to terms with existing in a Giant Big Brother
situation. Whatever we do, whatever we say is being broadcast to millions of Galactic channels, the
differentials of interest are mind blowing. A few examples would be, our Comedy, they laugh as we
do watching a Laurel and Hardy film.  Sport of every kind and the top sport is Human, it's Football
probably broadcast directly throughout the Galaxy. The Galactic music business too is booming for
the Alien with the rights.    I could go on because there are just too many ongoing Galactic business
interests already in operation.

Of course each of these diverse interests will have an interest in when the 'Harvest' should begin and
in the case of the Football contract would they insist on at the end of the season? Sure, it's a crazy
thought in itself but perhaps there are other influences to determine a particular time of the year most
suitable for the Galactic broadcasters.

Present areas of Human conflict have created a vast uninhabited area and continue to do so which
leads one to assume that will be the area of off planet shipping.

that is infront of your eyes is a Distraction.

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