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My name is Anthony Cummins, Marine Captain, Aka
'Capitano Tonz'

For more than 20 years I've been working the South China Sea.
Prior to that I was known as
Capt Arabone when working the Red Sea.
I 've also worked the Baltic and North Seas, the Med, the Black Sea,
the Andaman Sea and the river Mekong.
Presently based in Italy and S.E.Asia.

Past CEO of Marine companies;  Cummins Shipping, Victoria Marine Conversions, Cummins Sea
and the Flying Dog Experience (Philippines).

Past CEO and founder of
Fast Line and the Posterflag Company (Italy).

I'm also a Pirate and have always been a Pirate since I was a child.

I know it's not easy to believe, let's face it, 'occupation Pirate' is hard to take
seriously right?  But that's the situation, I am a present day Pirate and yes I've
captured ships and done everything a classical Pirate should do to be recognized
by his or her Peers as a Pirate.
Of course no one believes who I am or what I do.

I'm here to reveal secrets and bring a message, a heavy message but if this
message is to be accepted then the messenger must first somehow become

How I became a Pirate
Me and Rusty, Thailand 2008
Captain Tonz
Welcome to the Peiran Gateway web site and home page.
Marine Captain, Peiran Pirate.
This site is about Peiran Pirates and reveals previously unknown stories and incidents and
explanations concerning the Templar fleet, Treasure Island, Pirate legends and personal experiences
or just a glimpse through
Real Pirate eyes.
Templar Pirates, the
Templar fleet, The Peiran,
the Pirate flag  'Treasure
Island and more.
Rurik the Father
Mother Russia.
Francis Drake, Walter
Raleigh and the Queen.
The Oldest known Pirate
The Hurricane.
The story of the missing Camel.
The Spurn Beach incident at
Female Pirates
Grace O'Malley
Links to little known documents about the
bad guys who use our flag and name.
(full list under construction)
The Skull and Bone Society USA
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The Philippine Experience.
(Foto is with President Estrada)
Eco Pirate
(Except my book.)
And Priests.
Sometimes it's
hard to tell
The YANBO mission, (tI was the
first Pirate to capture two ships at
the same time for over 120 years.)
Part 2.   Pirates who changed the World.
There are just too many to mention at this time, so to start with here are those I consider extremely significant each for a specific
reason. I hope to reveal and present facts that will put a different light to the common imagination of Pirates and or Piracy.
Part 1.  Pirate missions undertaken and other personal experiences.
(I 'm somewhat limited due to privacy laws or incriminating crews and friends, we don't want to be arrested do we.)
Part 3.  How Peiran Pirates interpret things and events.
Part 4.   Peiran information released for the first time online.
The Mekong mission and
The Slave trade., bad, yet...
The Gaddafi connection
The Peiran Prophecy
I have a lot more to say but Privacy laws limit what can be placed on this site and in public domain
Please feel free to contact me with any questions or requests for interviews and speaking engements or more deeper Peiran material for study groups.
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message and then get in touch with us.
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are not in the book business but reaching out to
special people.
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Somali Piracy.
how it happened
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